Yogeshwar – Master of Yoga

The ONE teaches me true yoga and that is why He is Yogeshwar.


Soul in Conversation with the ONE: My Dear ONE: You give me the great mantra of “Man-mana-bhav” (focus your mind on the ONE). This spiritual practice links You and me. You yoke my mind to You and harness my heart to Yours. You show me that with the power of concentration I restore myself to my original beauty and brilliance, and sustain my connection with You. Thank You for teaching me how to remember my pure self and unite with You.

The ONE in conversation with the soul: Sweet Soul: I am the ONE who kindles your light through yoga, the ONE who satisfies your hunger, and the ONE who removes all your sickness. I remember you more than you remember Me. I chant your good qualities like a mantra. Even though you may forget Me, I will always remember you. I have no other business than to remember you.


Observing with Karma Yoga Awareness: I maintain the sparkle of an easy yogi’s life as I work, walk, and move around.

Observing with Soul Conscious Drishti: I have a pure wish and vision for every soul I meet today, and that links me to the ONE.

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