The Love of ONE

Global Finale: Join thousands of others worldwide at the Global Finale of Being with ONE in your nearest town or city on Sunday, September 21st, 2014.

You are warmly invited to be extremely quiet while powerfully connected to The Source. You will be one of thousands across the world linking the heart of humanity during an evening to celebrate the Love of ONE.

Reports of The Grand Finale on September 21

Maputo, Mozambique

Athens, Greece

South Carolina, USA

Kigali, Rwanda



Tokyo, Japan

Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

Barcelona, Spain

Leeds, UK

Komlo, South Hungary

Worthing Retreat Centre, UK

Oxford, UK

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Seoul, South Korea

Fukuyama, Japan

Kobe, Japan


Port-of-Spain, the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago

Perth, Western Australia

Dallas, Texas, USA

Keystone, Florida, USA

Florida, USA

Berlin, Germany

Cologne, Germany

Hannover, Germany

London, England

Victoria, Seychelles

South Wales, UK

San Francisco, USA

St. Petersburg, Russia

Brighton, UK

Cambridge, UK

Albany, NY (USA)

Farmington Hills, MI (USA)

Indianapolis, IN (USA)

God – The Mirror of our own Beauty and Power