The Bestower of Divine Wisdom

The ONE has come to the door of my awareness to unlock my wisdom.


Soul in Conversation with the ONE: My Dear ONE: Your divine wisdom is a goddess that speaks to me. More than just speaking, she sings to me — moving melodies, carried on a cosmic breeze from your heart to mine. She awakens me. She weaves songs of inspiration and enthusiasm until I open my third eye. I must awaken and seize the day.

The ONE in conversation with the soul: Sweet Soul: As soon as you wake, the first words that should emerge from your lips are: “My beloved ONE.” I bestowed divine wisdom on you by which you know yourself as soul and remember Me as I am in my original form. You must love Me alone. While seeing a body, remember Me. You received the third eye in order to see Me and understand Me. Make use of it. Divine wisdom is the key that opens an unlimited treasure chest. Play with the wisdom jewels in the treasure chest and ignore the baubles of the material world.


Observing with Karma Yoga Awareness: I maintain courage and perform pure actions so the lock to the treasure chest stays open.

Observing with Soul Conscious Drishti: Through my third eye, I see the value of every soul and the beauty of every moment.


The Bestower of Divine Wisdom — 1 Comment

  1. The beauty & simplicity of Baba’s Divine Wisdom is my guiding light to purity & perfection. I eagerly look forward to each day’s relationship with Baba- “My Beloved One”. Thank You Baba for your “Insperience.”