Do I know what the ONE’s life is all about? Service is the cornerstone of the ONE’s life.


Soul in Conversation with the ONE: My dear ONE: You come and do the most elevated service for me. You transform me, a pauper, into a spiritual prince. Whatever quality I lack you bring to me. But I must be honest with You. You fulfill the shortcoming in my spirit so quietly, drawing no attention to Yourself, nor taking credit. As You are humble in serving Me, I must be humble in serving You.

The ONE in conversation with the soul: Sweet Soul: I am egoless and eager to serve you. I am here to fulfill your spiritual needs such as perseverance, self-mastery, empathy, and charity – whenever and however you seek them, and for whatever reason. Just as servers are summoned with one word, you can summon Me with one pure act of surrender to Me. The ONE is loving and obedient to those who surrender themselves to Him. I stand before you as Your Humble Server to help you. Use Me!


Observing with Karma Yoga Awareness: I take one step of courage in return for a thousandfold help from the ONE, my Server.

Observing with Soul Conscious Drishti: I visualize the ONE helping me with a thousand arms.

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