Satguru – The True Guru

The Satguru showers me with the light of knowledge, dispelling the darkness of my ignorance.


Soul in Conversation with the ONE: My Dear ONE: You show me the path Home and accompany me on the return journey Home. Your home is my Home. I am trapped in the maze of the body and bodily relationships. You guide me out of the maze to the gates of the Golden Age. With You as my Guru I can pass the most difficult obstacle course (difficult relationships and situations) and emerge fresh and eager for the next stage of my journey. You show me a path, where I saw a wall. I am so fortunate to have You as my Guru.

The ONE in conversation with the soul: Sweet Soul: The destination you reach depends on the directions you follow. Your real destination is peace and happiness. Don’t forget this real destination and get lost in a false destination (name, fame, and material gain). Detach your heart from the material world, root your understanding in your true identity as a soul beyond the body, and be always aware of your Home. When you follow these directions you not only reach your real destination, but also receive blessings from the Satguru, the true Guru.


Observing with Karma Yoga Awareness: On performing an action I bring thought to its essence. I merge all diffused impressions into one point of experience.

Observing with Soul Conscious Drishti: When I am in the company of the ONE, my eyes radiate the light that connects other souls to the ONE Companion.

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