Amarnath – The Lord of Immortality

The eternal ONE comes and takes you, immortal souls, into the age of immortality simply by telling you the story of immortality.


Soul in Conversation with the ONE: My dear ONE: I went through life as if blindly following a script. A deep weariness with the status quo set in. Then You came into my life and recounted the story of my immortality. You told me that I am a tiny, imperishable soul and my imperishable role as soul continues eternally. You taught me to distinguish between illusion and reality. You told me the story of my past, present, and future and how the night of illusion is ending and the spiritual day is dawning.

The ONE in conversation with the soul: Sweet soul: I am the Lord of Immortality, and I tell you souls the true story of immortality, the story of your spiritual journey through time. Constantly remember Me alone and you will go to the land of immortality and your sins will be absolved. Always remember Me as I am and you will not suffer untimely death. I make you immortal. However, first you must love the ONE. If you get trapped in another body, you will fail to see the difference between the material world and the spiritual realm. Therefore, make your intellect very subtle and keep it beyond the illusions of this physical world.


Observing with Karma Yoga Awareness: Every day I listen to the story of immortality from the Lord of Immortality and I experience immortality.

Observing with Soul Conscious Drishti: With my third eye, I see the ONE alone, the ONE who has no ego, despite His unlimited power.I gaze at the exquisite ONE, and I behold immortality within the ONE.


Amarnath – The Lord of Immortality — 3 Comments

  1. wahh … such a nice feeling I am immortal. I was , I am , I will be in all time … Thanks ohh Amarnath baba for such a nice fearlessness gift…

  2. I always wanted to be immortal so I can stay young forever and I don’t want to die if I die I will miss everything of what I see and love