Victoria, Seychelles

It has been a hectic period for us, having prepared programs for rakhi, holding yagya conversations, being with one, and at the same time preparing to leave for Madhubhan, more so immediately after the program on the 24th September. Nevertheless the being with one program week progressed well as expected and we continued to receive people along the week especially in the evening and shared Baba’s gyan and meditation to them. The day of Sunday for the global finale was always going to be a challenge but since it was a global initiative we proceeded and successfully held the program. There had been heavy rains during the week and we feared that would affect the program fortunately that day the rain eased.

We had invited the Anglican Archbishop who spoke about Gods love, a catholic sister – Gods mercy & compassion and a Muslim representative – peace, basically trying to make it like an interfaith affair.
Preparing to release the peace doves: The day started with two inaugurations, one lighting of the candles with the invited guests and then the releasing of peace doves by the children over the ‘may peace prevail on earth’ chants. Bro Francis and sisters Valentina and Riya shared their experiences with God, their first encounter with God when they experienced him as light. God as the light seemed to become the theme of the day as even the Bishop shared a beautiful experience he had one day once their boat had begun to sink. He shared that they had stayed for six hours without rescue and just when he had lost all hope and started to prepare to die, some light, strong divine light appeared in the sea from nowhere, and he immediately felt that he would survive, he felt strong and assured of life and few minutes later he saw a rescue helicopter coming his way and was rescued. That was very powerful for the audience coming from the bishop. He even went further to explain the depth of Meditation, how going deep inside the self is powerful and he quoted one verse from the bible that Gods kingdom lies within each one’, that was incredible. The other guests also narrated their sweet experiences with God.

Visual Meditation commentary: We had arranged the program such that after every one or two speakers we would invite them into either an audio or a video guided commentary. Towards the end we made them write letters to God, as yet another way of connecting to God and everyone really enjoyed it.

Writing letter to God: As per the bks custom we finished the day with gifts, blessings and Toli. Everyone was happy, some shared they experienced lightness, others said they had never had such an experience before but could not express what it was. Many resonated with the idea of God as light. We also reconnected with some old bks.