Tokyo, Japan

BKs in Tokyo held their Finale on September 21st at Minami Otsuka Hall with about 20 IPs in attendance, including representatives from a Buddhist organization, “Rissho Koseikai,” a “Spiritual Care Leader,” and members of “Seven Generations,” the Pachamama group in Japan.
The main event was a concert performed by twenty-three BKs from Tokyo who had practiced singing for the past 3 months. Most had NO previous experience of singing on stage, so they were real beginners. It was a wonderful experience for BKs to co-operate with each other through learning to sing for a performance. They were able to discover and harmonize their hidden sanskars by rehearsing and singing together. That was really a gift from God.

We named this event “Gift from Kamisama.” Kami means God, which gives a very official feeling, When “Kami-sama” is used, it gives a very personal feeling, like a child thinking of Baba.
Sr. Charito, a professional jazz singer, directed the BK chorus. They sang 12 songs, including “Smile” by Caprin and “Heal the World.” Some of the attendees had tears in their eyes as they were deeply touched by the message of the songs.
There was pin-drop silence during the talk and meditation conducted by sister Rajni, who made the connection between the message of the songs and the One. Baba’s vibrations were felt by many. BKs and other attendees reported having beautiful experiences, especially during meditation.