St. Petersburg, Russia

The final event of the ONE project in St. Petersburg became a beautiful blend of entertainment, heart-to-heart conversation and self-contemplation in silence. The audience enjoyed a 10-minute humorous animated presentation on how we, the souls, discharge our battery and, more importantly, how we can charge it once again. The dance drama “Three Roses and the Ocean” was a touching narrative about how “One Strength and One Support” enables us to overcome all the obstacles, reach our destination and get merged in the Ocean of Love.

BK Santosh, Brahma Kumaris director in St. Petersburg, made all the participants dive deep into the ocean of thoughts and feelings about the importance of connection with the ONE for the choices that we make in our life. “When each one of us individually remembers that ONE Father, a miracle happens. In this way we create an atmosphere filled with a gentle feeling of unity. Christ, Buddha, Muhammad, great souls who laid the foundation of world religions, were holding onto that ONE, and it is this connection with the ONE that made them great. We should feel we are His children, and not stepchildren, which means that His qualities should be reflected in our life. Even a single thought about the ONE charges the soul. A single thought about His powers brings power back to me. When I am charged, I am beautiful and I act beautifully. When I am discharged, I act in an ugly way. God says, Oh my dear children, charge yourselves every day and become beautiful. Become interior decorators. Decorate your own interior, that is your inner world, and you will make the world out there beautiful as well.”