South Wales, UK

All the South Wales and South West teachers and some students gathered at the venue for the One event in Newport, South Wales (UK) at 12.30pm on
the day of the event to create the atmosphere.  We offered bhog together and later had an hours meditation together  before the evening programme.  It was very valuable time together as we come from a large area and seldom get the chance to meet as we cover an area more than a 100 miles in breadth.

During the evening programme, (from 6pm) about 30 souls came, and we had an inspiring introduction and then an hours meditation together which included several items of live music from a cellist (one of the students), some readings from the Alpha point and a live meditation commentary. At the end, we shared toli and blessings and participants also shared their experiences, which were very deep and touching and showed they had felt the impact of the beautiful atmosphere that was created. We had found that, during the week before the programme in different areas in the region and on the day itself, souls who had not been in contact for a long time were emerging again. This is a link to our photos from the programme.

Many thanks for all the wonderful support from the One team with materials and inspirations.

Sister Sarah, Swansea, and the SW Team