South Carolina, USA

We had a lovely program here over the whole week – Being with The One, Connecting with The One, Love for The One. Many new souls came and felt Baba’s presence and expressed their gratitude for giving them this opportunity to experience peace. Everyday, we took one title of Baba and have them
experience God in that form. The program started off with God as Spiritual Sun (14th being Sunday, so we chose this title) followed by Gardner, Healer, Guide, Jeweler, Ocean of Silence and finally Ocean of Peace on the final day. Not only the general public, but some of the new murli students also felt a stronger connection with Baba and came close to Him during these 7 days. On the grand finale, we gave a small talk on how Brahma Kumaris contribute for world peace by creating a peaceful atmosphere with the power of meditation. They were explained how atma (soul) can create a sphere of peaceful vibrations by connecting with the One. They were given the experience of taking the journey inwards, upwards and outwards. After giving them a rich experience, everyone was asked to draw a picture of how they visualized themselves serving the globe and creating a healing and happy world, which everyone enjoyed thoroughly.

We also organized group meditation sessions and we shared the experiences of the benefits of meditation and Being with One. President of the Toastmasters International addressed the audience during the close of the event. In a simple yet powerful way he summarised his talk with “It is a real art to be able to experience peace in the midst of chaos, and in today’s world, this is essential. When we practice meditation we strengthen ourselves and immensely help the world in which we live.”