Seoul, South Korea

We didn’t attract a large number of people but those who came were precious jewels valuing spirituality in their life, and we had powerful and beautiful meditations together. Some old contacts who have not been in connection for a long time came for the program as well as new souls who came to experiment with meditation.

Comments by participants: 
– A course student: “After attending the One Initiative program for one week, I now believe that God does exist and I also experienced my negative tendencies weaken in my awareness.”
– A BK: I feel I’m closer to Baba now after attending the program every day. Normally, we had programs that are just for a couple of hours and one time only. This time, it was intensive and continuous for one week. I was able to have powerful heart-to-heart connection with Baba. 
– An instrument teacher: After all, it’s for us. I myself enjoyed and benefited a lot through the whole process.