Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

On the 14th of September, a public speach took place in the launching of a Project with the theme “Being With One”, to 55 people by Cicero Sampaio (Joinville – SC)

From September 15th to 21st it was sent daily through email to BKs and people interested, a reflexion of the day’s theme as an invitation to morning and evening meditations in the Centre.  All meditations, in the morning  and evening, with projection of Baba Animation, had a 1 hour comment, live, with opening done by seven texts contained in the international program. On a daily base people received blessings from the One.

Finishing activity:  On the 21st, evening meditation happened together with the Global Peace Meditation (from 6 to 7 PM), speech with the theme: “Peace that comes from the One”, to 47 people by Marcia Medeiros, presentation of slides introducting Shiv Baba and a cultural item with the band Gandharvas playing and singing four mantras.