Perth, Western Australia

Our Conversations: The Perth BK Family and all who visited the Centre and Class Locations during the week prior to the Grand Finale, experienced special feelings of coming close to the ONE. Conversations were very much enjoyed each evening on the Qualities of ONE and the feelings expressed were of the energy of gentleness, sweetness and softness around the week’s conversations. Some made a week’s commitment to take advantage of each evening’s conversations.

The Finale Evening: Conducted at our local Community Centre, 6.30pm – 8.00pm, the evening was a beautifully smooth-running and powerful program with approximately 75 people attending in spite of a very rainy, stormy evening. The stage decoration was focused on a large, gold Number ONE creatively designed by Perth youth and with the family’s eager cooperation, the evening’s setting was created.

With two recorded commentaries, one live commentary, soft music, interludes of silence and live didgeridoo music the meditations were poignantly powerful and brought tears to the eyes of some. Towards the conclusion, the audience was invited to write their feelings onto heart-shaped paper and one-by-one came on stage to place their heart on the Number ONE and to receive toli and blessings. Baba, the EVER-AMAZING ONE was with us and His MAGIC would have touched each soul’s HEART. It’s been a wonderfully, unique week and one of the highlights of this amazing confluence age!