The Grand Finale took place in the Auditorium of the University of Mauritius (UOM). The souls who participated in the 7days morning and evening meditation sessions at all the six main centres of the island (around 100 souls turned up at each centre everyday) along with invitees joined us. Surprisingly, many of them came white clothes.

The programme was the first of its kind, where a lokik gathering was invited for a public event focusing just on silence and meditation with no chief guests, no cultural items….only banking on the wave created by Bks… We ran the whole program in our local dialect as our audience comprised of various cultural backgrounds and different status and position.

Some Yogis observing silence stood as sentinels wearing a white sash with the word ‘Silence’ along the hallway…quite impressively as a natural way of touching minds. Bks greeted each other and the invitees with ‘Om Shanti’ whispers, smiling nods and hand waverings. It goes without saying that the atmosphere inside the auditorium was overwhelmingly powerful and magnetic…all in an ocean of silence….quiet …light…serene. A simple décor of white flowers graced the space with the fragrance of pure feeling and good wishes. An angelic atmosphere prevailed all throughout.
The program became the beginning of new spiritual journey as calls for Bks meditation program have started pouring in. For BKs, it has been a wake up call from the slumber of ordinariness and carelessness in their spiritual effort.