Maputo, Mozambique

37 people from a range of communities and backgrounds gathered on Sunday morning for the finale of Being with One. Through presentations, visual and guided meditations and silent reflections the audience had the opportunity to experience real peace and power.

Sister Samantha shared that there are more permanent things that unite us then divide us – that we all share the same form, home and parent and when we connect to the essence we can begin to finish the things that separate us.

A live commentary was conducted by Gloria where she urged the participants to let go of the past and open their heart to God. One of the participants shared that to experience peace and love on a daily basis is challenging. However the program today was a reminder that each and every one has the capacity to be peaceful and loveful. She added that it requires deep faith and constant effort to live and use peace in our life.

A meditation course was organised in the following week and 24 people are currently doing the course.