London, England

GCH doors stayed open throughout this week long global event which BK’s here in London took to their heart and made local. The morning murli schedule was adjusted and everyone rose to the challenge of murli starting 30 mins earlier at 6am so we had time to complete and accommodate the 7-7.30am ONE meditation. Both the Hindi and English classes recongregated after their respective murli’s in the Conference Hall for this daily meditation. Each morning was conducted by a senior teacher, with Sister Maureen stoking it up initially on Monday morning. Sudesh Didi added her powerful vibrations on Friday and Saturday morning. The evening sessions were conducted by a pair of bk’s each time and some wonderful meditation commentaries, all aimed at the public who joined us, were enjoyed by all.

On Thursday evening we had a special event with Sister Jayanti, who shared insights into moving from the harsh sanskars of the old world towards new gentle ways imbibed from this relationship with ONE. There were over 80 members of the public who attended this event and many experienced a deep connection with ONE as Sister Jayanti led everyone into understanding how to connect, draw and share the love of ONE. On Sunday evening we joined in the global finale with a specially conducted World Meditation led by Sister Maureen and completed with the ONE song, created by the South Africa family, toli and special ONE blessings.

Throughout the week those participating were invited to share their thoughts for the world on a SHARING TREE outside the venue and this became full of leaves of powerful thoughts and best wishes. Please see the link to Facebook album of the Sharing Tree: The whole BK family here seemed to fly on the wings of zeal and enthusiasm throughout the whole week as the power of yoga filled the House with newness and vitality. Many souls who joined us for the first time were very touched and one soul attended every session and is starting the Raj Yoga course tomorrow. Global House moved into its weekly Silence Day today with what felt like a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to Baba’s task. In the words of some wishes shared on the sharing tree: ‘I hope all may realise their true reality and who they belong’ ‘What a lovely thing to find a place where all souls can share in the love of peace’ ‘I could have gone sitting forever. It was so peaceful and I was in another world flying like an angel’ ‘The love of One is the greatest love’. ‘My heart was opened by the generosity of each one and I experienced the love of One’. ‘Thank you’

The feeling now is to include more programmes like this in our schedule planning as it seems to be what we do best….allowing everyone to experience deep silence and to connect and experience this powerful relationship with ONE.