Leeds, UK

In Leeds (UK) the finale week of the global ‘Being with the ONE’ initiative was very beautiful. The doors of the centre were open for all to join in a meditation experience from 07:00 – 07:45 in the mornings and from 19:00 – 20:00 in the evenings. The meditation sessions were guided by commentaries, music and poetry. Each day, a different quality of God from the virtue booklet was the focus of the meditation and each morning and evening toli was given out with the quality of the day. Souls in contact, souls doing the course and new souls arrived daily.
The finale, attended by over 70 people, was held in a conference suite, close to the centre and was an evening of sweet cooperation and harmony. The programme was experience rich and of few words. A large screen was set up and beautiful images were accompanied by music, guided
commentaries and poetry. At the end, for the final meditation, people were asked ‘if you could speak to God right now, what would you say?’ Someone said later that he felt a little resistance to the suggestion, but went ahead anyway – and was amazed that he got an answer to every
question! Toli and blessings were given out at the end of the programme and many shared their wonderful experiences as they stayed on and enjoyed the atmosphere. Because souls have taken such benefit, the centre has been inspired to continue having an open door for meditations in the mornings and evenings.

Numbers attending the ONE event:
192 meditation during the week ,
72 public events
TOTAL – 264