Komlo, South Hungary

There is a subcentre in KOMLO (it was named Somnath House by Br. Anthony Strano) in a little town in South Hungary where the final event was not in the centre, but outside. We were not too many, but the atmosphere was very powerful like it was during the week of “ONE”. There was a man amongst us and something happend with him which is remarkable. He wrote us after the event: “Present time I’m under a very strong burden physicaly and mentaly, which is very difficult tolerated by my body. Although I meditate regularly, but in such situations I’m not able to concentrate in an appropriate way and what is more I has become lazy. My body has given me very strong signals; my immune sytem become more weak, and the tension has increased in me. It has become ill with a lot of pain. My backbone, my back and my neck were very rigid, I had a terrible headache together with retching. Although medicines could help, but I knew I needed some collective meditation to change this situation. I have had some experiencies about it before. On 21. September I arrived to final programme of ONE with a lot of and terrible pain and I was very weak. At the first part of meditation after 5 minutes I started to feel the coolness and peace which flooded in the room. I felt how this pleasent feeling penetrated my body. I could not express this feeling in words, but all my pain, tension and spasms gradualy put an end. It was a wonderful feeling how the body become free from its suffering. At the second part of the meditation I was able to concentrate to myself easily and accurately. I felt how the spiritual power went through me and how I was healed by the Light. My body and soul started to be recovering in such a way that a permanent smile come to my face. This could happen, because you give people such a possibilities with your programmes. Again many thanks and all the best to you. ”