Kobe, Japan

The Finale of the ONE Initiative in Kobe, Japan was held on the 21st for Japanese speakers and on the 23rd for English speakers. The 21st event was held in a beautiful hall in the precinct of the famous Ikuta Shrine. It started with a special circular dance- Wa No Mai. A worship of the natural elements, reminding the self to be the energy in between, this dance is performed with both feet on the floor, feeling and expressing simultaneously.  Next, a simple but deep workshop drew out the image of the Supreme in their minds. Then, people were asked to write their message to the Supreme Being. And finally, a meditation on peace was followed with a Hindi song about Baba’s love. 

The 23rd event was held at an Indian Club, in a transformed atmosphere of sweet silence.  A video of beautiful explanations about the soul and positivity ushered in the audience who then sang ‘Om Shanti Om’.  Special guests of different faiths shared their personal experiences with the Supreme. Following questions about reasons for visiting places of worship and ways of communicating with the Supreme, participants wrote their feelings about Him in a letter on beautiful cards–something they had never done before.

Sr. Rajni, the NC for Japan and Philippines, gave a short talk and led the audience into deep, silent meditation, culminating with a soulful song by one BK.  Most people shared how good they felt and that they needed this reminder from time to time.