Kigali, Rwanda

The Being with one initiative in Rwanda started on 14th Sep 2014 to 21st in Brahma Kumaris Meditation center in Kigali. To create a powerful atmosphere in the center, we prolonged our morning and evening meditation of 30 more minutes from 7:00 – 7:30am and 6:30 – 7:30PM.

Our daily program used to start from 6:30am to 8:30PM, to allow souls with different time availability to come and experience meditation. We created leaflets to invite people, with a target of 25 souls a day. In the end, about 100 souls, old and new came and participated in the Being with One program. The program was designed to allow people to have experiences of meditation and a visitor’s book was present for the people to register and write their experience. The experiences were very good and worth the moment.

On the World Peace Day (21st September 2014) a 3 hours bhatti was organized to close the Being with One Program. It was also a very good opportunity to share what we enjoyed and how we benefited and for the new ones to express how they enjoyed this program.

We also organized group meditation sessions and we shared the experiences of the benefits of meditation and Being with One. President of the Toastmasters International addressed the audience during the close of the event. In a simple yet powerful way he summarised his talk with “It is a real art to be able to experience peace in the midst of chaos, and in today’s world, this is essential. When we practice meditation we strengthen ourselves and immensely help the world in which we live.”