Keystone, Florida, USA

Hello from Baba’s little Gita Pathshala in Keystone Heights, Florida, USA:
Everyday house open, Morning and Evening. No one came, but house open and prepared. Tolis and blessing cards ready. Sunday eve, International World Peace Day, six souls participated. Each drove 45 minutes+ from different towns of the surrounding community. We conducted a forty minute meditation and ended with toli, blessing cards and a light vegetarian meal.

Five nights later, one of the participants called and shared:
“Deborah, that night my tooth ached so bad that I almost called to tell you I couldn’t make it. I went anyway and all the way over, the agony continued. Many times I almost turned around to go back home.”

“Once arrived, the meditation started. I could not sit still for the throbbing and wiggled with restlessness. I appreciated it when you guided us in the meditation to sit comfortably, to find a comfortable position. This made sense and I managed to relax.”

“Something happened, sometime during the meditation, the pain completely disappeared.”

“Not only that, the discomfort stayed away for the rest of the evening and to my surprise, stayed away all night. I got some good sleep and rest that night. Eventually, the pain returned the next day, and I’ve since seen a dentist, but I wanted to share this incident with you.”

From your messages, it seemed you were looking for experiences. Hope you enjoyed this one.

We also organized group meditation sessions and we shared the experiences of the benefits of meditation and Being with One.
President of the Toastmasters International addressed the audience during the close of the event. In a simple yet
powerful way he summarised his talk with “It is a real art to be able to experience peace in the midst of chaos, and in
today’s world, this is essential. When we practice meditation we strengthen ourselves and immensely help the world in which we live.”