Florida, USA

Joyfully 80 souls met on Sunday, September 21, 2014, to meditate and celebrate on the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE.  Although the event was scheduled at the outdoor Arts Park, strong rains for days before and weather reports of rains for that evening gave us a change of game plan.  In a practice of “ever-ready,” we changed the venue to be indoors at the Hillcrest Country Club in Hollywood; and when the rains came, were glad of the decision.

Unique about this event: Representatives of over 15 countries were  present; Hearts Opened Thru Qigong with Halima, Music by 5 professional singers,
and, of course, meditations by 4 of Baba’s sparkling stars:  BKs Bhavna, Ed,  Alek, and Marco…resulting in beautiful commentaries and connection with the One. 

Upon entering the hall, all the audience members joined in following Halima’s instructions for Qigong practice as a warm up for the meditation. Four singers who were new to meditation joined in addition belted out familiar songs which definitely  touched everyone.  Their music opened hearts and some souls couldn’t help but sing along at some points. One singer called days later to say that the feeling of the evening stayed with her for days and she felt the pull to continue her meditations with the Brahma Kumaris.