Dallas, Texas, USA

During the Finale, everyone was garlanded upon arrival with divine virtues of the ONE, which brought that intoxication and focus towards the meditation.  

The Program began with the video (http://youtu.be/itvnQ2QB4yc) and ended with Dadi Janki’s versions (https://soundcloud.com/dinab-1/sets/dadi-janki). Live background meditation music was played at the back of the hall alongside the meditation commentaries which were based on the daily insperiences.  

A few new ones shared their experiences of contentment and fulfillment which they realized that it is easy to let go of all attractions through the power they received.  A couple of people from Nebraska shared that it was worth attending the program and realized that we keep on unnecessarily losing energy and power and experienced the power. Some could not share but had tears in their eyes. The picture includes invited guests, some from the interfaith group and those who attended meditation throughout the week, with some Brahmins.