Cologne, Germany

This was the chance to let the neighbours know, what we are doing. So we distribute the flyers in the area around the centre and where the Brahmins lives, so that no one can complain, that they didn’t know that Baba is there. In the flyer we had one side only the picture of SHIV BABA and nothing written. The text was outside of the flyer and we put an inlay for the events of the week. We start with a OPEN CAFE on Sunday, 14.09. and 4 neighbours came and together with the Brahmins we had a wonderful meeting to be with the ONE. In the extra ┬ámorning meditation we don’t had new once, but in the evening the neighbours came to join the programmes. On Sunday, because had 3 Brahmins, which invite the neighbours, family and friends┬áto their home for being in the love of ONE. Each place had people joining the programmes. In the centre was the world meditation together, where many came and express their appreciation for being together in an wonderful atmosphere, speaking about God and experience his peace and love in the meditation. It was a successful being together, even if the souls don’t know each other, each one felt close and accepted. For us brahmins it was also an highlight, because the meetings and preparation bhattis brought us together and service happened automatically as result of it. We continue with this wonderful experiences and the neighbours are coming now also for evening meditations.