Cambridge, UK

This week, hosting the ONE Initiative, was indeed a week filled with special experiences.

In Cambridge (UK) it was decided to hold two additional morning meditation sessions, 8.00-8.30am and 9.00-9.30am as well as one evening session 7-8pm every evening at Inner Space. Inner Space is centrally located in the University area of Cambridge city just opposite King’s College.

Those having attended the morning meditations greatly appreciated the opportunity to start the day in a peaceful and joyful way, ready to meet the days challenges ahead.

The evening sessions with meditation, creative workshops and personal sharing/discussions revealed much talent and ideas of the Brahmin family and were much enjoyed by the participants.

One woman taking part in the events, shared at the Sunday evening finale celebration with meditation, music and dance, that this week has helped her to overcome a habit she had cultivated for the last 20 years, and she was truly grateful and beaming with joy.

The Cambridge Family is now considering to continue with morning meditations at Inner Space, and is very much looking forward to similar initiatives in the future.