Brighton, UK

A beautiful atmosphere was created before the programme and the stage was set in red, orange and yellow around 50 people attended. We started with introduction to the project and personal experiences from 3 people who had taken part twice every day. Next there was a role play between two people acting as ‘God’ and a seeker, with the seeker asking questions. ‘God’ gave some very good answers making Him seem very light, humorous and knowledgeable. We were then given the opportunity to explore in pairs how we felt about Gods qualities and go deeper into how we felt about God to explain the quality we had chosen.

Everyone became silent and the energy built up very quickly, as three experienced meditators created the atmosphere. The music was soothing and flowing with two powerful commentaries included. The audience melted and stayed in silence for at least 10 minutes after it ended.

Finally everyone received toli, blessing card, and a gift and many returned to their seats still continuing to enjoy the silence. The program was a fitting end to an unprecedented week of co-operation within the family everyone experienced the power of unity and love by having the opportunity to lead meditation, sharing experiences and create all the separate ingredients for the grand finale with great zeal and enthusiasm.