Albany, NY (USA)

In a Hindi temple with a spacious and elegant hall, the Albany and Peace Village family of New York introduced Baba’s qualities to residents and VIPs of Albany, capital city of New York State and seat of government. Silence, music, dance, meditation commentary, panel discussion on peace and toli created a beautiful atmosphere for an experience of Peace with the ONE. Sr. Kala lead a meditation and Sr. Gayatri Naraine, our UN representative, gave a crisp, articulate and deep  meaning of Peace in the World.
The most unique piece of the evening were seven Meditation Intervals (like traffic control) that appeared throughout  the public program.
The Hall darkened, stage also blackened, one spot light came on, and actor entered the spotlight and one of Baba’s descriptive edited qualities was echoing through the hall as the actor, gesturing, subtlety pulled us into a mediation experience.  This continued to happened at different intervals, different actors, and places on the stage during the program.  We thought this as a way for giving Baba’s introduction in retreats as we move forward.